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Tackle another series of challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale with our treasure and collectibles locations guide. No need to scrub through a long, useless guide — we’re giving you the information you need, upfront. The locations aren’t that hard to find — as long as you know which map square they’re sitting in. Every week, there are two new tricky challenges, and Season 5 continues the tradition.
You’ll get a new Treasure Map and Collectible Challenge every week, and they’re always the most annoying ones to complete to earn all that cool new cosmetic stuff. Below, we’ll keep a running list of all the collectibles and treasure locations — where to look on each specific tile. The collectibles in particular are pretty easy to spot from very far away. Just glide over to the coordinates listed below, and you’ll usually have no problem spotting them.

Thursday January 01, 1970

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Thursday January 01, 1970

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Thursday January 01, 1970

Weekly Challenges Guide | Treasure & Collectible Locations

[Use this map to easily locate the map square coordinates described in the post below.]
If you purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass for Fortnite: Battle Royale, you’ll unlock weekly challenges you can complete to progress down the unlockables list — there are tons of new costumes, toys, and other cosmetics to unlock in Season 5, and if you want to get them all, you’re going to need to finish some of the weekly challenges.
The toughest weekly challenges involve two things — a treasure map, and collectible locations. Here, we’re going to cover where to find the collectibles and treasure for every week of Season 5. If you miss a week — don’t worry! As long as the season is still going, you can go back and replay challenges from previous weeks.
[NOTE: You don’t need to actually pick up the treasure map! You can just skip to the end goal and collect the Battle Star.]

Week 1 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

Challenge: Risky Reels Treasure Map

Battle Star Location: South of Tomato Town. Land on the hill with the tunnel running through the center, then drop onto the landing above the northern tunnel entrance, facing Tomato Town. There’s a conspicuous patch of green grass here. Get close and the Battle Star will appear.

Map Coordinates: G4 [On the hill above the tunnel entrance.]

The lightning bolts float high above the sky. You’ll need to construct ramps and floor tiles to reach them. They can be seen from very far away — try dropping from the sky, and you should easily spot them above the map coordinates listed below.

Challenge: 7 Lightning Bolts

Bolt #1: H3 [High above the hill, west of Wailing Woods.]
Bolt #2: I3 [Above the trees, northeast of the Wailing Woods location.]
Bolt #3: H6 [Floating high above the center of Retail Row.]
Bolt #4: E4 [Above Loot Lake, easily visible from the pier.]
Bolt #5: B1 [Floats above the northwest corner of Junk Junction.]
Bolt #6: E7 [Southeast of Shifty Shafts, floating adjacent to the large bridge.]
Bolt #7: C7 [Right in the center of Greasy Grove.]

Week 2 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

Challenge: Paradise Palms Treasure Map

Battle Star Location: To find the star, you need to look between an arch, a dinosaur, and an oasis. That means you need to head to the desert biome. Go down to the oasis in the southwest corner of the desert, and glide around the tall spires — look for an inverted stone rock on a high ledge. The battle star will appear near the weird rock.

Map Coordinates: H9 [On the tall spire, east of the unnamed oasis in the desert. Look for an inverted pyramid-shaped rock on a ledge.]

To score at seven different basketball hoop locations, you’ll need to equip the basketball throwing emote. When you arrive at the courts, throw a basketball and land in the hoop to earn your point. Here are all seven locations you need to find.

Challenge: 7 Basketball Hoops

Hoop #1: C7 [Northeast corner of Greasy Grove.]
Hoop #2: C5 [West of Tilted Towers, in the unnamed cluster of buildings.]
Hoop #3: A5 [Just above the ‘Snobby Shores’ title on the map, in a backyard.]
Hoop #4: B2 [Right in the "C” letter of ‘Junk Junction’ on the map. Inside the junkyard.]
Hoop #5: D5 [N[Northwest corner of Tilted Towers.]r> Hoop #6: F8 [O[On the unnamed hill with buildings, southwest of Salty Springs.
Hoop #7: I8 [On the eastern side of Paradise Palms.]p>

Week 3 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations

Challenge: Flush Factory Treasure Map

Battle Star Location: The map is located in Flush Factory, but you don’t need to pick it up. You only need to go to the Battle Star location. The treasure is pretty easy to find if you find the map — notice that big hill southeast of Salty Springs? There’s a house up there, and the Battle Star is near the road. Look in the brown area.

Map Coordinates: F8 [S[Southwest of Salty Springs, there’s a large hill with a house and road on it. The battle star is out front of the house, near the bend in the road.]p>

To complete the Week 3 challenge, you need to shoot clay pigeons that are scattered all around the map. Activate the clay pigeon launcher then shoot the pigeon that flies out. Like every collectible challenge, you don’t need to shoot all six in the same round — each one you shoot will be counted, so you can spread your collectibles hunt across six rounds and still complete this challenge.

Challenge: 6 Clay Pigeons

Pigeon #1: I10 [I[In the small trailer area south of Paradise Palms, on the southern edge of the desert biome, near the river.]r> Pigeon #2: D8 [F[Find the ruined house south of Shifty Shafts, west from the unnamed building area.]r> Pigeon #3: B4 [J[Just behind the large hill to the west of Pleasant Park.]r> Pigeon #4: E4 [O[On the northeast shore of Loot Lake.]r> Pigeon #5: G3 [E[East of Lazy Links, near the covered bridge, on the opposite side of the stream.]r> Pigeon #6: J4 [N[North of Lonely Lodge, in the clearing outside the trees, southeast of a hill that’s shaped like a boot.]p>

Week 4 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations

Challenge: ‘Between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch & Stunt Mountain’ Treasure

Battle Star Location: Behind the gas station, located west of Loot Lake and south of Pleasant Park. Follow the road to the single gas station on the road, then run to the area behind it —  large grassy field.

Map Coordinates: C4 [I[It’s right next to a white tree with yellow leaves, behind the Gas Station in square D4.]p>

The week 4 collectible challenge is all about flaming rings. You can’t just find them, you need to drive a cart straight through them. There are five flaming rings to find — make sure you grab an ATK from the golf course or desert biome before hitting these stunts.

Challenge: 5 Rings of Fire

Hoop #1: H9 [F[Find the ramp near the bridge. Follow the road south of Paradise Palms.]r> Hoop #2: H7 [T[The ramp is located south of the broken bridge, in the canyonon-like area west of Paradise Palms.]r> Hoop #3: J8 [F[Fly over the edge of the island, east of Paradise Palms to spot the ramp on the cliffs.]r> Hoop #4: E3 [S[Southwest of Lazy Links — on a gentle hill. Follow the winding road south of Lazy Links, and you’ll find the ramp to your right as you enter square E3.]r> Hoop #5: E3 [A[At the bottom of the pickaxe-shaped hole in square E3, west of Lazy Links.]p>

Week 5 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations

Challenge: ‘Snobby Shores Map’ Treasure

Battle Star Location: Haunted Hills – As usual, you don’t need to actually find the map in Snobby Shores to get the hidden Battle Star. Just travel to the location — it’s found in the northwest corner of Haunted Hills. It’s found on the pointed roof of the church.

Map Coordinates: B2 [Y[You can reach this Battle Star from the sky. Just land on the top of the church in the northwest corner of Haunted Hills, and look near the spike.]p>

For the Week 5 challenge, you’ll need the golf club toy emote so you can actually hit balls into the nine golf greens. You don’t need to get a hole-in-hole, you just need to land the ball on the green. After teeing off, you can even kick the ball onto the green and it will still count. You only have to complete 5 holes.

Challenge: 9 Golf Greens

Hole #1: F2 [T[To the right of the Lazy Links club house. Hit from the tee off area and into the green.]r> Hole #2: Instead of listing the golf green locations, you can easily find them for yourself. After teeing off and landing on the green, just follow the signs. The second hole starts right next to the first green.
Hole #3-9: The same goes for the next hole, and the next. If the hole doesn’t begin right next to the previous green, just follow the dirt path to reach it. It helps to have an ATK so you can easily traverse the entire golf course.

Week 6 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations

Challenge: Search Where The Stone Heads Are Looking

Battle Star Location: Salty Springs – On a small hill, just southwest of Salty Springs. It’s the closest small hill to Salty Springs, so you can’t miss it.

Map Coordinates: F7 [T[The only hill with cliffs on this grid square. It’s near Salty Springs. Land on it from above to grab it quickly.]p>

For the Week 6 Challenge, you need to find 5 Time Trials and complete them. There are more than 5 Time Trials on the map, but you only need to complete five. A time trial is a small blue circle you can interact with — starting it will begin a countdown timer and make more waypoints appear. You’ll need to grab them all before the countdown completes. You may need to build ramps to reach some of the waypoints.

Challenge: 5 Time Trials

Trial #1: E7 [F[Found on a river between Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs. On the grid square, travel up to the northern edge to find it on the river bank.]r> Trial #2: H9 [R[Reach the stream in the desert biome, located southeast of Fatal Fields. From the pond, travel east up the stream to find the time trial.]r> Trial #3: H6 [I[In the southeast corner of Retail Row.]r> Trial #4: A5 [R[Right on the southeastern exterior edge of Snobby Shores. You’ll need an ATK to complete this one.]r> Trial #5: G3 [O[On another river, east of Lazy Links. Go to the bridge east of the golf course, then travel down the stream slightly south to find it.]r> Trial #6: C2 [S[Smack in the center of C2, an empty field north of Pleasant Park.]p>

Week 7 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations

Challenge: Treasure Map In Dusty Divot

Battle Star Location: Dusty Divot – In a small outcropping of trees, just northwest of Dusty Divot. They’re the trees near the road to Loot Lake, right behind a big statue head with a stone mustache.

Map Coordinates: F4 [J[Just off the road to Loot Lake on the square. Look for a stone head with a mustache to easily spot it.]p>

For this weekly collectible challenge, all you need to do is find randomly generated chests. No special collectibles at all. The challenge sends you to named areas where you’ll need to locate and open a chest. These chests appear in different places every single time, so go searching in the rooftops of buildings, in attics, or anywhere to find them.

Challenge: 5 Stages & Chest Locations

Stage #1: C3 [P[Pleasant Park]r> Stage #2: H6 [R[Retail Row]r> Stage #3: F10 [L[Lucky Landing]r> Stage #4: C7 [G[Greasy Grove]r> Stage #5: I8 [P[Paradise Palms]p>

Week 8 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations

Challenge: Search Between 3 Oversized Seats

Battle Star Location: Found on the hill north of Flush Factory, between the three trees at the top of the hill that are easily visible on the map. The hill is in the center of three small urban areas with giant toilets. Those are the “seats”!

Map Coordinates: F4 [J[Just on the hill as described above. Look between the three trees.]p>

To complete the collectibles challenge, you need to travel to enter rifts. There are plenty of rifts that spawn (semi) randomly all over the map. So check the following locations.

Week 9 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations

Challenge: Follow the Shifting Shafts Treasure Map

Battle Star Location: The Battle Star is located on a mountain south of Dusty Divot and north of Salty Springs. There are three flat platforms with trees. Search on the platform with the middle-height tree.

Map Coordinates: F6 [R[Right on the mountain in the center of this square.]p>

For this week’s collectible challenge, you’ll need to visit Easter Island Head statues — you know, those big stone heads. We’ve dealt with them in previous challenges this Season. All you have to do is visit the Stone Head. There are seven total on the map, and they’re easy to spot from the sky.

Challenge: 7 Stone Head Locations

Stone Head #1: C2 [J[Junk Junction – In the grove to the southeast.]r> Stone Head #2: C6 [G[Greasy Grove – North, in the center of a stone circle.]r> Stone Head #3: E7 [S[Shift Shafts – On a big mound east of the big bridge.]r> Stone Head #4: E10 [L[Lucky Landing – On another mound southwest of the bridge.]r> Stone Head #5: F5 [D[Dusty Divots – Southwest of the warehouse district.]r> Stone Head #6: G3 [T[Tomato Temple – Just north, in the grove.]r> Stone Head #7: I5 [L[Lonely Lodge – On a hill to the west.]p>

The Stone Heads all point to a bonus Battle Star. You can find the Battle Star on a hill, southwest of Salty Springs on the F7 square.

Week 10 | Treasure and Collectibles Locations


Battle Star Location: Only the final clue really matters — go to Lazy Links and travel to the east exterior. There’s a small shack by the 9th Hole. The Battle Star will appear there.

Map Coordinates: G2 [N[Next to the shack outside the 9th Hole Green.]p>

This week, you’ll need to locate 7 out of 10 jigsaw puzzle pieces. The pieces are always located in basements of certain structures — we’re going to list all the structures you need to check out on the map to complete the run. Always find the stairs and look in the basement for the blue puzzle piece.

Challenge: 7 Puzzle Piece Locations

Puzzle Piece #1: C7 [G[Greasy Grove – In the Durr Burger basement.]r> Puzzle Piece #2: C8 [G[Greasy Grove – South of Greasy Grove, find a small house on a hill near the edge of the island.]r> Puzzle Piece #3: A5 [S[Snobby Shores – In the house, in the southwest corner of Snobby Shores.]r> Puzzle Piece #4: A6 [S[Snobby Shores – Travel south of Snobby Shores. There’s a single house compound on a bright patch of grass with the next piece.]r> Puzzle Piece #5: D7 [S[Shifty Shafts – In the building outside of Shifty Shades, in the northwest corner of square D7. Find in the lighter-colored house with the green screen in the basement.]r> Puzzle Piece #6: F7 [S[Salty Springs – In the white house, on the western edge of Salty Springs.]r> Puzzle Piece #7: I2 [R[Risky Reels – East of Risky Reels, there’s a pair of houses. Look in the cellar of the green-ish house.]p>

The Stone Heads all point to a bonus Battle Star. You can find the Battle Star on a hill, southwest of Salty Springs on the F7 square.
[W[Work-in-Progress: Check back next week for new challenge locations!]p>

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