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Amplify LUT Pack Over 200 NEW LUTs for Amplify Color

Amplifying your potential.
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Amplify Bundle - Save 25% Amplify Shader Editor

Impostors, and LUT Pack at a discounted price.

Amplify Shader Editor Now with HD SRP support
Amplify Impostors 1-Click Impostor Creator - Instant Optimization
Fake Interiors Come on down and get some real FREE Fake Interiors

Amplify LUT Pack Over 200 NEW LUTs for Amplify Color, LUT Browser included.

Amplify LUT Pack for UE4 200+ high-quality color grading presets for Unreal Engine 4
Ghost of a Tale Explore the secrets of Dwindling Heights Keep
ReCore Bring new life and hope to Far Eden

Explore a fallen utopia wrought with death and danger.

Accounting Time to crunch the numbers in Virtual Reality

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Amplify Shader Editor is an award-winning and affordable node-based shader creation tool inspired by industry leading software.
Open and tightly integrated solution, it provides a familiar and consistent development environment that seamlessly blends with Unity’s UI conventions and Shader use.
Amplify Texture is a powerful editor extension enables the use of massive amounts of textures, quite literally up to hundreds of gigabytes, without worrying about streaming or GPU memory limits in exchange for a small, stable and predictable performance impact.
Take advantage of massive texturing while preserving your workflow.
Amplify Motion is a post-effect that enables fast and high-quality full-scene vector motion blur that works with all opaque and coverage/alpha-test surfaces.
It supports both stationary and moving objects.
Handles translation as well as rotation on camera and dynamic objects using per-pixel vectors.
Amplify Color is a post-effect that brings industry level color grading to your game by mimicking the color transforms made inside a tool like Photoshop; e.g.
change contrast, color curves, exposure, saturation, hue and more, or a combination of all transforms at once.
All the heavy lifting is pre-computed making it feasible for mobile.
Over 200 LUT color presets in a comprehensive and varied pack for Amplify Color or compatible plugins, ready to use and extremely simple to add to your project.

The pack also includes a fully functional LUT Browser

that allows for instant previews at a click of a button.
The pack also includes a fully functional LUT Browser.
Version 2.0 sets out to deliver a new industry standard for fast, .

High-quality Screen Space Ambient Occlusion in Unity

This FREE UPDATE completely discontinues HBAO-based techniques in favor of the much superior Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO), bringing quality and accuracy closer to traditional raytracing.
Amplify Bloom brings Industry Level Post-Process Bloom to your projects in a comprehensive all-in-one package with high-quality features that can be toggled and tweaked to fulfill your project needs.
AAA quality and flexibility at an indie affordable cost with premium support and professional development you can always expect from our products.
Amplified Customers.
Sep 14, 2018                                                         May 18, 2018                                                         May 04, 2018                                                         Apr 10, 2018                           Get ready to play as a Junior God of Mount Olympus ????️   game made with  and….
Amazing Wall FX Pack  for  using    About ASE:.
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