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ForgeAhead Africa ICT Achievers Awards


> Achievements                 Achievements

Awards and Recognition.
CIO100 Award, 2017 The board and Management of CIO East Africa and the CIO100 Awards commended CFSK for achieving the Silver Mark in excellence enterprise Information Technology adoption.
5th CIO100 Award, 2015 The board and Management of CIO East Africa and the CIO100 Awards commended CFSK for ranking among the Top 100 organizations in the 2015 CIO100 Annual Awards competition.
ForgeAhead Africa ICT Achievers Awards, 2009.
For three consecutive years;2007, 2008 2009 CFSK was named the top civil society organisation to Bridge digital divide in Africa.
The CFSK programme was particularly commended for achieving so much with very limited resources.

Kenya National ICT Achievers Award 2007

The Computer Society of Kenya, at the Kenya National ICT Achievers awards recognised CFSK as the top organisation keen on bridging the digital divide in the country.
ForgeAhead Africa ICT Achievers Awards, 2006.

Top civil society organisation to bridge digital divide in Africa – 1st Runner-up


CFSK has been acknowledge for its efforts to extend ICT access to the Kenyan society

Since its inception in 2002, CFSK has sourced, refurbished and placed over 402,000 computers in more than 12,010 primary and secondary schools, technical training institutes, medical training centers, universities and various community programmes.

CFSK has also extended ICT access to disadvantaged groups

facilitating their integration into an information rich society.
Through its off shoot organisation, The CFSK Institute of ICT.

CFSK has trained well over 100,000 tutors

subject teachers, heads of institutions as well as educational administrators.
The institute has developed a model User Proficiency Curriculum for both primary and secondary schools, which has been taken by over 45, 000 students.
The CFSK Institute is intensely involved in content development for different curriculum across all level of education.
In its quest to preserve, conserve and protect the environment, CFSK established the first e-waste management facility in Kenya – The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) which collects, scraps fractions, recycles and safely disposes all electrical and electronic waste.

CFSK’s administrative and operational model has been acknowledged as ideal

Owing to the successful implementation of its activities in Kenya.

CFSK has aided in establishment of similar ICT programs in Uganda

Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan and Botswana.
Efforts are ongoing to establish the same in Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and DRC.



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