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Streamlining Data Collection with Data-as-a-Service

Case Studies.
Streamlining Data Collection with Data-as-a-Service.
AI startup company AMPLYFI needed a massive amount of data to test their new business intelligence product DataVoyant™.
The company quickly realized that rapidly developing an in-house solution to harvest and extract web content at an enterprise scale would be extraordinarily difficult to achieve.

Anti-Counterfeiting and Data-as-a-Service

Learn how the businesses who own the intellectual property rights can leverage Web data to identify and stop fraudulent usage of their property with BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a- Service (DaaS).

From Web Pages to Insight: How Web Harvesting Is Used to Combat Pharmaceutical Fraud
Open Source Data Partnerships: Fueling Innovation

At BrightPlanet we build partnerships with cutting-edge companies that require unique and customized open source datasets to support their analytics engines and platforms.
This has allowed our company to learn and get to know new thought leaders in the analytics and artificial intelligence sectors, as well as hone our tradecraft and capabilities.
This case study explores how we help companies connect with other customers and partners to further fuel innovation through collaboration.

Personality Profiling with OSINT

Working alongside Receptiviti, a psychology-based data collection company, we dissected the personalities behind the tweets of president-elect, Donald Trump.
Discover how OSINT (open source intelligence) technologies can masterfully harvest data and profile online content.

Case Study: How Tagging and Data Harvesting Helps Keep You Updated on Life Events

Our lives are ever-changing.
Many, if not all, of us will experience a monumental change somewhere down the road.
In order for business owners to grow, they must maintain meaningful relationships with their clients.
Therefore, it’s important for them to be aware of the important moments happening in their lives.
Tagging and data harvesting is a good place to start.

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