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catalog360 is a GS1 Accredited Solution Provider

Blog    Blog   E-Catalogs   catalog360 is a GS1 Accredited Solution Provider                                       catalog360 is a GS1 Accredited Solution Provider.
August 14, 2014/ in E-Catalogs, Frontpage Article, Images, News, NHS Procurement, Uncategorized  / by admin      GS1 standards have been a key component in retail supply chains for over 40 years, in the process it has generated savings for both retailers and suppliers through greater efficiency.
In May this year the NHS committed to making GS1 standards central to driving procurement efficiencies to the value of £1.5bn by the end of 2015-16 in the new NHS eProcurement Strategy.
catalog360 are an Accredited GS1 Solution Provider having proven proficiency in both the GS1 System and GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) and are ready to offer advice to NHS Trusts or NHS Suppliers who need assistance in conforming with the mandates outlined in the eProcurement Strategy.
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catalog360 is a GS1 Accredited Solution Provider.
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