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Embed 1Stream into your CRM platform

Embed 1Stream into your CRM platform.

Create a powerful       combination of telephony and CRM that works better together

Agents work from a single application improving their productivity.
Click-to-dial ensures agents make the call to the correct number first time.
Screen pop customer details with inbound calls so your agents know who is calling and why.
Customer records are automatically updated after a contact ensuring teams are up to date on all             customer communication.
A new ticket is created for every inbound call.

1Stream’s integration maximises your CRM platform

CRM Integration.
1Stream specialise in                         providing custom                         integrations.
Using a 5 point                         integration strategy, we                         embed the call centre                         system into the CRM system                         increasing productivity                         through ease of use and                         reporting.
Integrations include:                         Zendesk                         Salesforce                         MS CRM                         Sugar CRM                         SAP                                                                      Salesforce Dialler integration.
Seamless integration of the                           1Stream predictive dialler                           into the Salesforce CRM                           gives Salesforce                           administrators ultimate                           control over their                           campaigns.
This includes                           instant creation of dialler                           campaigns from within                           Salesforce and allows for                           the automatic exclusion of                           outbound leads when the                           customer is handled on an                           inbound call.
The 1Stream                           Salesforce advanced dialler integration is a productivity game changer.
Click to interact.
Customers increasingly                       want to connect using their                       mobile phones.
Click to                       interact provides a single                       click option for the                       customer to connect to                       agents through the media                       of their choice whether this                       is a voice call, chat session                       or video.
Mobile applications.
Clients can now interact                         with your contact centre                         through a mobile app and                         use voice, video, .

Chat and                         visual IVR to communicate

This app can be customized                         to have your brand and is                         available for download in                         the main app stores.



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