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a theme that’s mostly being dominated by DarkRP


There is a rumbling going around within Garry’s Mod’s roleplay scene

CityRP, a theme that’s mostly being dominated by DarkRP, is getting another contender by the guys from Alps.gg.
On the 8th of May they will be releasing the alpha….
For some reason I’ve been recently watching a lot of Rust videos (great idea for a lockdown binge!).

One of the content creators that stood out for me is Blooprint

While I was watching one of his videos I thought….

You might have noticed something funky is going on with the Angry-Mob logo on top

Hell, it might even look familiar to you seeing it features some of our old itterations of the AM logo.
Because its our 5th….
Our 5th birthday is coming up (Thursday) and we are can use your input on how to celebrate this occasion.
Besides hosting a giveaway and some graphical changes (we are dusting off our old logo’s and themes), we still have….
When it comes to creating games, there is nothing worse you can be than boring.
After all, games are supposed to be fun.
True, some experimental games do stray away from this, .

Like “Spec Ops: The Line” or “Valiant Hearts”.…

So you want to start a community.
That’s great.
In this guide I will be giving you some tips that might come useful.
I presume you have found a game (which you enjoy playing) and a name for your community.….
I’ve listened to podcasts for years.  The medium has come a long way from the Wild West days of 2006, when the only qualification needed to start a show was having a microphone and a voice, to the exciting present….
It’s time to grab your pickaxe because we are going mining.

I recently had a chat with Nuclear Poptart who is the community manager of Mineplex

This official Minecraft partnered community was established in January 2013 and has made quite….
One of the most essential parts of video games and game servers are the economy, the question of; What does the player do, what is their objective, .

What will the outcome of completing that objective be?  In nearly all MMOs…

It’s a given that all community driven servers have someone or a team of people running the show (on voluntary basis).
Depending on the community ranks such as administrator, moderator, operator, helper or super-admin are commonly used.
The way these….
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