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You’ve purchased the Ahlers Integrated Solutions software

Home   2018-09-15T18:38:38+00:00     Training To Trust  The 100+ pages of the RFP you put together in search for the perfect clinic management software are behind you.
Forgotten are the proposals you had to review and the software demos you plowed through.
You’ve purchased the Ahlers Integrated Solutions software, and now you’re remembering why.
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Web Based Reporting  Ahlers was asked to develop a web application  to assure that all Family Planning Expansion Program clients had provided proof of citizenship.
Our web page is now receiving over 20,000 hits per month as the clinics confirm the eligibility date, proof of citizenship and income eligibility.
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Cloud Based Solutions  In many domains

it is much more desirable to buy than to rent.
However, .

Technology is NOT one of those domains

Because you buy servers, operating systems, anti-virus programs and pay people to set it all up.
After a few years, most of what you have paid for becomes obsolete.
Then, you have to buy it all over again.
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Clinical Management Software.
Data Warehouse & Management.

Clearinghouse & Billing Service

Web Based Reporting.

Why We Come to Work at  Ahlers & Associates:  Our Mission

We lift the clinic management, charting and record-keeping burden from public health clinicians with software that tracks patient care from appointment through billing and is customized to satisfy your state’s every reporting requirement.
We design and implement statewide data systems with state health department leaders at a cost-effectiveness and timeliness that an in-house data system can’t duplicate.
Making Technology Personal.
It’s time to leave behind impersonal tech solutions and embrace a customized software solution made just for you.
Technology shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all industry, and with us it’s not.
Let’s start a conversation about your needs and goals, so that we can show you the value our team can add to your practice.
Cost Effective.
US Based.
Universal Support.
Next Day Web Based Reporting.
Experience & Knowledge.
Stability & Longevity.
Communication & Responsiveness.
Find Out More.
Whether you have further questions about our software solutions or you’re ready for our team to exceed your expectations, we’re eager to talk with you.
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