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we are excited to accelerate our African expansion plans

Saturday, September 5 2020.
//CyberKnight Partners with YL Cyber & Cloud Consulting to Expand into Sub-Saharan Africa         CyberKnight Partners with YL Cyber & Cloud Consulting to Expand into Sub-Saharan Africa.
1,312                                                  Avinash Advani.

Founder and CEO at CyberKnight                   According to IDC

sub-Saharan Africa’s ICT market is predicted to grow from $95.4 billion in 2020 to $104.2 billion by 2023.

While cybercrime remains one of the greatest threats to Africa

sub-Saharan nations lose millions of dollars to cyberattacks each year.
Multiple organizations struggle with the high cost of cyber security products, limited budgets, resource scarcity, lack of sufficient tools and awareness programs.
There is a big divide in the adaptation of technology and cyber security between sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa/the Middle East regions.

To address challenges and needs specific to the threat landscape in sub-Saharan Africa

CyberKnight has strategically aligned with YL Cyber & Cloud Consulting to focus initially on three portfolio vendors: Flashpoint – Trusted Intelligence; PhishRod – Security Training, Awareness and Anti-Phishing; and Valimail – Email Fraud Protection, Anti-Spoofing and Guaranteed DMARC Enforcement.
“As technology adoption continues to rise in Africa and more people have access to the internet, the number of cyberattacks continue to grow exponentially.
While phishing remains the number one attack vector for successful data breaches, email security became one of the biggest concerns across the sub-Saharan region.
In addition, social media fraud, account takeover, and social engineering threats have become a serious concern over the past few years. Through the strategic partnership with CyberKnight we aim to bring a unique set of cybersecurity platforms to help local organizations tackle today’s data breaches”, commented Yaadhna Singh-Gounden, .

Director at YL Cyber & Cloud Consulting

“Africa has been among the fastest growing parts of the world in terms of cybercrime activities.
So, we are excited to accelerate our African expansion plans, by joining forces with YL Cyber & Cloud Consulting to bring our market-leading Zero Trust Security-focused solutions to the region, to augment local organizations’ cybersecurity postures, boost resilience and build capacity.
Having worked with Yaadhna before to successfully develop and close many cybersecurity projects in Africa, we are confident that this strategic partnership will allow us to leverage her strong partner ecosystem in the region and fuel our growth in Africa”, commented Avinash Advani, Founder & CEO at CyberKnight.

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