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Category: Calamares

Category: Calamares.

The Calamares Series – everything you need to know about Calamares

, ,           Like always some of the videos contain more information than the title suggests.
I will add it to.
Read More                                  Possible rescue when you run into issues with the livedvd.
, , ,           Starting version 19.9 we give you more control over the live-dvd environment.
You can now login.
Read More.
, , ,                Read More                                  Calamares tip – make sure the bootloader is filled in and avoid frustrations.
, , , ,           Compare the bottom line of both images.
It should never be empty.
This tip for calamares (our.
Read More                                  Fix for hanging loading location data screen in calamares.
, , , ,           .

During the installation Calamares tries to make contact with a server to know your

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