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Product Manager | OpenText | InfoFusion


I had a great time attending and speaking at the  2017 Conference last month in

It was a very special 10th year anniversary conference, and the presentations were all a wonderful mix of the past and future of virtual worlds and their role in immersive education.

I was honored to give a keynote presentation on “Beyond Escapism: Virtual Worlds

Vulnerable Populations and Social Good.”  , and below is a full video.
Take care,.
Stella comes from the  in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

My cousin Melinda runs the shelter

and Stella was brought in nearly dead from neglect.
After a couple months of love and care from the amazing folks at the shelter, she made a full recovery.

They do incredible work at the HSSSC

so if you’re looking to  (Fall River, New Bedford, Dartmouth and more), there’s none better.
She also loves her new bed from her friends at.
Turns out I’m not doing too bad.
Age happens, so yeah, my ol’ eyeball lenses are having a more difficult time focusing on the closeup stuff.
After talking with the optometrist and going over  (here’s a helpful page for) I decided to get a pair of  glasses with.
I hate having to keep taking my reading glasses on and off, so I’m going to try wearing these new glasses all the time.
They should arrive in a couple weeks.
I opted for  frames and  lenses.
Right Eye –  Ultra-Widefield Retinal Image  Left Eye –  Ultra-Widefield Retinal Image  The  website also has a neat little app where you can virtually try on the glasses.
Finally, I really need to give props to.
I was in the neighborhood and walked in to schedule all this on the spur of the moment, and they accommodated me wonderfully.
Whole exam and fitting took only about 45 min.
Very professional and friendly and helpful.
Especially for someone like me who is a total n00b at all this eye exam stuff and generally skittery around doctors.
Highly recommended.
I’d like to share this awesome public-facing example of the stuff I’m working on now.
Check out ,  a new website where you can visually monitor, compare, and discover interesting facts about the 2016 US Presidential Election coverage from the world’s top 48 online news agencies.
I’m a Product Manager for , the software in  that is collecting and processing all the news articles.
After it has collected everything, InfoFusion translates the free text into specific topics, entities and concepts as well performing a  on the unstructured data using both statistical and linguistic analysis.
software is then used for the data visualization and embedded analytics you see on the website.
Take care,   Product Manager | OpenText | InfoFusion.
Last week I started a new adventure here in Montreal working as a  at  OpenText’s focus is helping businesses manage all their  with EIM () software. Unstructured Data (aka “Big Content”) accounts for about 90% of the digital information in any organization, and as a civilization we’re getting better and better at generating vast amounts of it while lacking in our ability to manage and extract value from it. Just think of all the email, transcripts, IM conversations, spreadsheets, reports, internal webpages and documents you typically deal with on a daily basis at work.
It’s a sea of data, and it’s growing all the time.
Enterprise is drowning in it.
In addition to helping organizations manage and extract value from their Unstructured Data, a powerful benefit happens when OpenText’s EIM software integrates with ERP () software. Organizations use ERP software to manage all their  (the 10% of data in organizations that resides in databases).

But their Structured Data is typically not connected to all their Unstructured Data
The full scope of what OpenText is doing is

involving many different software components that provide a wide range of benefits to the enterprise.
My new role is  for , software that brings powerful search, content analytics, auto classification and semantic annotation to unstructured information and big content.

Product Manager | OpenText | InfoFusion

primary newspaper, the Petaluma Argus Courier,         for lots of great information.
Lead Technology Evangelist,.
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