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Economy - Colorado Technology Association


Colorado’s tech community has grown because collaboration is part of its DNA

CTA convenes the leaders, organizations and companies to accelerate that collaboration across the state.
We are here to help direct you to the resources, tools and opportunities that will help you succeed as we advance Colorado’s tech ecosystem to grow the entire state’s economy.
Colorado Tech Industry Data.
Our Industry Report provides research and an annual snapshot of the state of Colorado’s technology economy.
This go-to guide details the state’s metrics and promotes valuable resources for Colorado companies and companies looking to relocate to the state.
Access to Capital Programs.
The Advanced Industries (AI) Accelerator Programs promote growth and sustainability in Colorado’s seven advanced industries by helping drive innovation, accelerate commercialization, encourage public-private partnerships, increase access to early stage capital and create a strong ecosystem that increases the state’s global competitiveness.
CTA leads the Technology Review Sub-Committee in partnership with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade for the Advanced Industry Grant Program.
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