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Everyone is Awesome – Review: Mythic D6

Everyone is Awesome – Review: Mythic D6.
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Everyone is Awesome – Review: Mythic D6.
is a game from , Jerry D.

Grayson’s publishing house that also produces ATLANTIS: Second Age

HELLAS, and soon-to-be-kickstarted Godsend Agenda.
All of his games are good-looking, action-adventure games.

And quite a few of them use the Omni System

a straightforward D20-based resolution.

Mythic D6 does not – it uses a dice pool system (of D6

as you’d expect), and comes as a “Multi-Genre” master book (which includes a sample setting) and an expanding series of campaign supplements.
Apart from street-level supers, it’s spawned two supplementary campaign settings so far – , an afro-centric post-apocalypse sword and sorcery setting, and , an eco-activism steampunky pulp adventure (technically it’s probably either ecopunk or, well, fishpunk, but I’m going to resist taking the -punk nomenclature any further).
The rules have all the usual stuff for skills and combat, and two features that I’m becoming more and more attached to in games.

The first is an Aggravation Pool

a resource the GM has that can be spent (like the Hero Points players have) to boost enemies and increase the challenge.
Like in 2D20 with its , in play I’d have this pile of dice right out in front of me where everyone can see it.

The second is rules for Events – non-combat skill challenges that are tackled in stages

like rescuing civilians from a burning building.
These are excellently explained and presented, and will be great in one-shots for big, cinematic scenes and interesting use of powers.
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking – – about these recently, and these rules are a great, flexible subsystem.
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