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The latest Nintendo Direct was an event that was supposed to happen earlier this month but the video game industry giant had decided to put a hold on the reveal. This was due to an earthquake that hit Hokkaido, Japan as a result, the Nintendo Direct release date was delayed.
However, now that some time has passed, we can get ready for the Nintendo Direct reveal today. This particular event is said to showcase Nintendo’s plans for the Nintendo 3DS along with their latest flagship console release, the Nintendo Switch.
Check back later today as the event will be streaming live which you can watch right here starting at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET.

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Top 15 Best FPS Video Games For PlayStation 4

September 13, 2018 | Game 2 nguoi | No Comments

Note: This list was updated in September of 2018.
There are a number of iconic game genres that’s lasted well over the years. One of which we’re focusing on today is the first-person shooter genre and it definitely doesn’t see any shortage of titles launching into the market year after year.
However, with the plethora of FPS out there in the market and constantly growing with more, weeding out the best games to play can be difficult. We’ve sat down and looked at our favorite FPS to launch on the PlayStation 4 and compiled a list for your enjoyment down below.
These are video game titles well worth investing to add into your collection. Though, it’s certainly possible we missed a game worth adding to the list. Let us know what your personal favorite FPS is on the PlayStation 4 by leaving a comment down below and it may end up into the list in a future update.
Without further ado, here is our list of the top must-have FPS for the PlayStation 4!

#15 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: December 1, 2015

Made as the successor to the previously announced and now canceled Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege makes our list. Much like the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise is known for, this is a tactical shooter with more of an active community of players online.
The overall premise of the game is a fight between a group of terrorists and of course a highly trained group of individuals that make up the Rainbow team. There is a singleplayer narrative for gamers to go through, but as it stands right now, more players are picking the game up for its online competitive gameplay.
Essentially, one team of terrorists will be seeking out a hostage while the Rainbow team must carefully breach a building and take down the terrorist group. Being a tactical shooter, there’s a bit more to the gameplay then running in and spraying bullets in each room.
Instead of turning a home into an active war zone, there’s slew of gadgets and weaponry made to make kills effective and accurate.

#14 Call of Duty: WWII

Developer: Sledgehammer Games
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: November 3, 2017

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for decades, but as of late the series has been turning towards more futuristic and current settings. That had changed last year with Call of Duty: WWII, where the series, much like Battlefield franchise, took players back to a more primitive warfare.
As the name suggests, Call of Duty: WWII is a look back into the Second World War and it definitely feels a bit more gritty and gnarly then we’ve ever seen the war before in a video game medium. Players are centered around a narrative that follows the 1st Infantry Division on the Western Front.
An interesting little side note to toss into here is the fact that Call of Duty: WWII doesn’t feature an auto-regeneration for health. This has been the norm for the Call of Duty franchise, but with the setting of an old war filled with grit, courage and the horrors of being on the battlefield, players will need to seek cover and health kits to stay alive.
Multiplayer is still very much a big thing with the Call of Duty franchise and the latest title is not missing any beats. You can still enjoy the various online game modes competitively and of course there is a Zombies mode to go through as well.

#13 Prey

Developer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: May 5, 2017

The 2017 release of Prey from developers Arkane Studios is an FPS with survival horror elements. This is a futuristic title where players are set on a space station that has been tainted by a hostile alien species. During this exploration journey, gamers will be stepping into the shoes of Morgan Yu who must find a means to get rid of the alien species and escape the station.
You may recall the Prey franchise from when it first launched back in 2006 and it’s worth mentioning that this is not a reboot or remaster. Instead, the developers identify Prey as a reimagining of the IP with a new narrative.
Much of the gameplay will involve exploring the station and solving a few puzzles to solve as you progress. Likewise, this is a singleplayer only narrative so don’t expect any options to go through the game cooperatively or online with a crew.

#12 Alien: Isolation

Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO
Release: October 7, 2014

For fans of the horror film franchise Aliens, owning a copy of Alien: Isolation is automatically a must-have. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the film, you can still find some enjoyment from this video game title. Launched back in 2014, developers Creative Assembly has released this survival horror title for a variety of platforms over the years.
In terms of the film franchise, Alien: Isolation is set fifteen years after the events of Alien, where players will take on the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley who begins an investigation of tracking down the mysterious disappearance of her mother.
Much like the old school survival horror titles, Alien: Isolation has an emphasis on players avoiding the hostile alien enemy. Instead, players must rely on some stealth mechanics to maneuver around the game.
Alien: Isolation is a singleplayer journey and while there is a following, it’s unsure if we’ll see a sequel launch. Publishers to the video game, Sega, has stated that they are still considering putting out another title, but it’s unconfirmed if one is actually in the process.

#11 Far Cry 5

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: March 27, 2018

The fifth main title within the franchise, Far Cry 5, takes place within the United States of America in a fictional Montana area known as Hope County.
Within the narrative, Far Cry 5 pins players against Joseph Seed, a leader of a cult who has forced his way into controlling Hope County. As more innocent civilians become trapped and forced into submission under Joseph Seed’s rule, only a handful of resistance stands in his way.
Just as before, players can expect the title to deliver as a first-person shooter in an open world environment which can be explored either on foot or through vehicles. However, the campaign can be experienced both as a single player narrative or through cooperative multiplayer.

#10 Superhot / Superhot VR

Developer: Superhot Team
Publisher: Superhot Team
Platforms: PC, XBO, PS4
Release: July 21, 2017

Superhot was a hit after indie developers first introduced the game as an entry to the 2013 7 Day FPS Challenge. The developers crafted a title in which players take control of a protagonist that must take down a slew of red glowing humanoids. However, the big catch to this title is that time only moves when you do.
As a result, players can carefully and slowly move around the level in order to avoid being hit by bullets or other projectile objects. This simple concept grew from a small entry project for a competition to a full video game release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This also makes for a fun title to enjoy with the PlayStation VR.

#9 Metro Redux

Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PC, X360, XBO, PS4,
Release: August 26, 2014

If you didn’t get a chance to jump into the post-apocalyptic world of Metro then you’ll want to pick up a copy of Metro Redux. This is a collection that features both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light that was originally available for last generation of consoles.
Players will find that Metro Redux will include an overhaul in visuals along with 60fps gameplay for both games as you brave the dangers within the Russian apocalypse. Likewise, if you go through the collection then you’ll be ready for the sequel to Metro: Last Light known as Metro: Exodus which is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms in 2019.

#8 BioShock: The Collection

Developer: Blind Squirrel Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: September 13, 2016

BioShock and BioShock 2 were iconic titles and as such we’re not surprised when the game received a remastered collection just a couple years ago. The video games are brought back just as we remember them but of course with a new coat of paint. Likewise, the game collection includes the latest title to launch into the market BioShock Infinite.
As I’m sure you’ve already assumed, this collection not only contains the main video game title narratives but also the downloadable content that released prior, making this collection quite filling to go through.
Sold in retail as a two-disc collection, all three games will run in 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second so even if you dabbled into the rapture before, this new coat of paint makes replaying these games worth it.

#7 Destiny 2

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: September 6, 2017

The Destiny franchise is not very old at all, with the first installment only released back in 2014 and though we could add the first title into the mix we’ve opted to go with the sequel as its currently active and being supported.
Destiny 2 is a multiplayer experience, this is the type of video game you would meet with a few friends to grind through for loot or complete the campaigns. If you enjoy futuristic FPS and have yet to at least try Destiny or its sequel, then you might be missing out.
A quick turnoff for some gamers may be the repetitiveness you could find yourself in while going through Destiny 2 as there could be some grinding involved. Likewise, because there’s a bigger influence in going through the campaigns or side missions with a team, the casual gamer who is seeking a narrative journey to enjoy on their own time may wish to pass this franchise up.
However, for those who love gathering loot, upgrading their characters and a good raid with a team of players then this is one title not to pass up.

#6 Doom

Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS
Release: May 13, 2016

Doom is an iconic franchise that sparked interest and a bit of controversy when it launched in 1993. Now, decades later, the game franchise received a much-needed facelift with a completely new reboot known simply as Doom.
The reboot launched in 2016 and thankfully the developer’s id Software did an incredible job at making a true reboot of the franchise. This is a flesh and blood torn massacre for the demons as our protagonist, Doomguy, unleashes a hell that even the demons weren’t prepared for.
Most often when video games feature demons or any type of creature, there’s a bit of survival horror element tossed into the narrative, but that’s not the case for Doom. Instead, gamers are humanity’s last hope for survival and you’ve got no problem ripping apart limbs off demons or blasting them away with a BFG 9000.

#5 Far Cry 4

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO
Release: November 18, 2014

Far Cry 4 is the successor to Far Cry 3 and the fourth main installment of the Far Cry franchise. This time around, Far Cry 4 takes place in a fictional country of Kyrat which is located in the Himalayas. Civil war has broken out with the country of Kyrat now under the control of the tyrannical king Pagan Min.
When players travel back to their home, they come face-to-face of Pagan Min. Upon escaping Min’s clutches, our protagonist must free Kyrat from its tyranny control, but with each choice, the country of kyrat’s fate may dwindle away.
This is a nice open-world adventure for gamers to enjoy both exploring freely or simply charting out for the narrative progression.

#4 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus & Wolfenstein: The New Order

Developer: MachineGames
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS
Release: October 27, 2017

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a reboot of the iconic Wolfenstein franchise. The game puts players into an alternate universe where the world has successfully been taken over by the Nazis party. Overall, the game focuses on BJ Blazkowicz, a man who was once on death row but managed to escape and join the resistance to fight off the Nazis and regain a peaceful regime.
The video game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus follows the events of Wolfenstein: The New Order which alters historical events. With the Nazi Regime ruling the world, a military resistance looks to fight back within America, acting as the nation’s second American Revolution against the Nazi rule.
Both video game titles are available for the platform and each is well worth picking up to enjoy, though neither of the two games offers a multiplayer aspect. Instead, you’re looking at two singleplayer narrative journeys.

#3 Titanfall 2

Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: October 28, 2016

From development studio, Respawn Entertainment comes their latest video game title Titanfall 2. Players will still have the competitive online multiplayer component that Titanfall is known for, however, this time around the sequel launches with a full singleplayer narrative campaign. This is something that was often brought up when Titanfall originally released and luckily the developers kept that in mind when crafting up Titanfall 2.
Within the campaign players will be taking on the role of Jack Cooper, a Militia pilot that earned his Titan after the mech’s driver was killed-in-action. Now Jack Cooper must work his way back from behind enemy lines.
If you’re looking for more competitive gameplay, the online gameplay matches are still fully accessible. The carnage of monstrous mechs and nimble foot soldiers makes combat competitive and intense.

#2 Battlefield 1

Developer: EA DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: October 21, 2016

Developed by EA DICE, the Battlefield franchise has recently taken a step back by taking players to World War One with Battlefield 1. The video game is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield series and much like the past installments, Battlefield 1 is an FPS.
While the game features a fully fleshed out multiplayer filled with game modes, players who pick up the game also have a narrative campaign. The campaign will also feature a few different characters from around the globe who will offer their story of the war.
War is certainly not pretty and Battlefield 1 shows the grittiness and carnage that soldiers had to go through in order to survive and achieve victory. Though some would argue and say that the narrative campaign is a bit on the short side, gamers could spend countless hours on the online multiplayer game matches.

#1 Overwatch

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: May 24, 2016

Overwatch is a Blizzard-developed team-based multiplayer shooter surrounded around heroes. We’ve seen a few of these video game titles based on heroes and their various abilities launch into the market lately though it still seems that Overwatch remains one of the best video game hero shooters to purchase.
There’s a variety of game modes to choose from which may have you tweaking your role, character classes and of course strategy within the team. Likewise, the development team behind Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, will introduce new heroes into the game from time-to-time.
Unfortunately, there’s no dedicated singleplayer game mode to enjoy at your leisure as the game instead is focused on multiplayer battles. With that said, if you have a few friends who enjoy competitive FPS titles then this is a must-have.

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Tokyo Games Show 2018 kicks off in around a week, and several developers and publishers announced their lineups for the event. Square Enix already revealed they are coming to the event with Just Cause 4, Kingdom Hearts III and other high-profile titles. However, not all developers have good news for their fans.
Hideo Kojima’s studio, Kojima Productions, tweeted earlier today announcing Death Stranding’s absence from the event. However, the studio itself will be present at the event, holding the Kojima Productions stage show at the PlayStation booth. The booth will offer several and unique Death Stranding-themed merchandise, including phone cases, dog tags, money clips and much more.

DEATH STRANDING won’t be playable nor in exhibition at #TGS2018. Our sincere apologies for those who were expecting so. However, we will be doing our best efforts for you at the Kojima Productions stage show (9/23 15:30 PlayStation booth) and the Kojima Productions Store!
— Kojima Productions (@KojiPro2015_EN) September 13, 2018

The Kojima Productions Store at #TG2018 will also be featuring phone cases by GILD Design with 3 different designs: BRIDGES, STAR, and FRAGILE EXPRESS. Each available for iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7Plus/8Plus.
— Kojima Productions (@KojiPro2015_EN) September 13, 2018

Ready for #TGS2018? At the Kojima Productions Store you will find “the necklace” from GILD Design, along with Kojima Pro themed money clips and phone holder rings.
— Kojima Productions (@KojiPro2015_EN) September 13, 2018

Here is the trailer showcased during E3 2018, especially the 4K gameplay trailer, showcased the invisible enemy players will have to face.

[Source: Twitter]

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Epic Games’ Fortnite is known for its extravagant skins and cosmetic items. The studio manages to maintain the game as a free-to-play, with these skins and purchases never affecting or giving players an unfair gameplay advantage. Not only that, these purchases contribute to the majority of the revenue Epic Games gets from Fortnite.
This the third celebratory free PlayStation Plus cosmetic bundle. However, this time they changed it up a bit. Unlike the previous two bundles, there is no skin. Instead, players will get a DualShock 4-themed pickaxe, a googly-eyed glider and a skydiving trail with each of the main four PlayStation colours coming out from your limbs.

Controller Pickaxe: features button detailing on the top, similar to a controller. The color is black featuring blue lighting detailing.
Skydiving Trail: Fall from the skies with a stream of PlayStation button colors emitting from your hands and feet (green, red, blue, and pink).
Flappy Glider: Decked out in Sony blue and white, this glider features a large set of googly eyes with a mouth carved out underneath.

Fortnite recently dominated the European PlayStation Store DLC downloads with the starter Ace pack.
[Source: PlayStation Store]

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 Game

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Marvel’s spider-man 2018 has been developed by Insomniac Games and published under the banner of Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released on September 7th, 2018 where the Gameplay had awesome features with many new mods available just enjoy it to have some fun in life. You can also download nba 2k19 game that will also entertain us a lot and our player is a very talented young boy he gets bitten by a powerful spider while in college.
Screenshots Of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018

System Requirements Of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018

Graphics card : 4 GB
RAM : 8 GB
Processor : INTEL Core i-7
Windows : XP,7,8,8.1 and 10

How To Install Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 Game Tutorial
Just watch the complete video tutorial by clicking this below installation button you will get marvel’s spider-man 2018 for PC.

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NBA 2K19 Game

September 9, 2018 | Game 2 nguoi | No Comments

NBA 2k19 has been developed by visual concepts and published under the banner of 2K. It was released on September 7th, 2018 where many people commands me to upload this awesome series on my website for free. This creation is very addicted don’t play it too much because of your personality. You can also download stronghold 3 gold edition game that’s also nice installment of all time beat your opponents because we are telling the winning method.
Screenshots Of NBA 2K19 PC 2018

System Requirements Of NBA 2K19

Graphics card : 2 GB
RAM : 6 GB
Processor : INTEL Core i-5
Windows : XP,7,8,8.1 and 10

How To Install NBA 2K19 Game Tutorial
Just watch the complete video tutorial by clicking this below installation button you will get nba 2k19 for PC.

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Stronghold 3 Gold Edition Game

September 3, 2018 | Game 2 nguoi | No Comments

Stronghold 3 gold edition has been developed and published under the banner of Firefly Studios. It was released on May 25th, 2015 where the Gameplay had awesome features with new combo series of our player’s tower. Attack or defend accurately because this is the only way for winning from them. You can also download mist survival game that’s also nice installment of all time there is a new update for gamer enjoy it without wasting your costly time.
Screenshots Of Stronghold 3 Gold Edition 2012

System Requirements Of Stronghold 3 Gold Edition

Graphics card : 512 MB
RAM : 2 GB
Processor : INTEL Dual Core 2.2 GHz
Windows : XP,7,8,8.1 and 10

How To Install Stronghold 3 Gold Edition Game Tutorial
Just watch the complete video tutorial by clicking this below installation button you will get stronghold 3 gold edition for PC.

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Karen Mogridge to bring experience and expertise to the company leadership team.
August 28, 2018 (Sandy, Utah) — ArbiterSports today announced the addition of Karen Mogridge to the executive team as the company’s Vice President of Product Management. Mogridge is a seasoned product manager, software engineer and business analyst with two decades of experience overseeing the development of new products.
“We are excited to have Karen join our executive team,” said ArbiterSports President and CEO Jeff Triplette. “Karen brings a wide variety of skills and expertise that will allow us to explore new ways of approaching the ArbiterSports product family. We need her contribution to the company at this time.”
Before joining ArbiterSports, Mogridge served in several positions at financial services giant CoreLogic, including Senior Professional Product Manager, Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Special Projects and Senior Business Analyst. She also worked as a software engineer with F-22 Lockheed Martin and combined her love of cycling and nonprofits to make key contributions to several organizations including the GOAL Foundation, Mercury Cycling, Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Bike Walk Mississippi. Mogridge holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Valdosta State University.
The addition of Mogridge will help propel ArbiterSports’ objective of pursuing new and innovative product strategies to better serve its existing client base while exploring additional market verticals, a course that was established on the heels of the capital infusion ArbiterSports received last year from the San Francisco-based private equity firm Serent Capital.
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The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and its member state associations champion interscholastic sports and performing arts activities because they promote citizenship and sportsmanship in the 11 million students who participate nationwide. Activity programs instill a sense of pride in school and community, teach lifelong lessons and skills of teamwork and self-discipline and facilitate the physical and emotional development of the nation’s youth.
There is no better time than now to assert “The Case for High School Activities.” Education and community leaders across America need the facts contained in this material documenting the benefits of participation in interscholastic sports, music, theatre, debate, and other activities, to provide support needed for these programs. These activities provide important developmental experiences that enrich a student’s high school experience and entire life, and these programs must be protected and sustained.
At a cost of only one to three percent (or less in many cases) of an overall school’s budget, high school activity programs are one of today’s best bargains. It is in these vital programs – sports, music, speech, theatre, debate – where young people learn lifelong lessons that complement the academic lessons taught in the classroom. From a cost standpoint, activity programs are an exceptional bargain when matched against the overall school district’s education budget.
Examinations of various school districts’ budget information across the country reveal that activity programs make up very small percentages of school budgets. In the 2014-15 school year, the city of Chicago’s Public School Board of Education’s budget was $4.93 billion. The activity programs portion was  $17.6 million. In the Los Angeles Unified school district, activity programs received $6.33 million of the overall $7.27 billion budget for 2014-15. Finally, in the Miami – Dade, Florida school district, its Board of Education had a 2014-15 overall budget of $3.7 billion dollars, while setting aside $17.2 million for activity programs. In all of these examples, the budget for school activity programs is less than one percent of the overall district’s budget. Considering the benefits, which are outlined below, at such small proportions of overall school district budgets, school activity programs are one of the most effective investments being made in secondary school education programs today.
Read the rest here
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Far Cry 5

Titre : Far Cry® 5
Genre : Action, Aventure
Développeur : Ubisoft Montreal, Red Storm, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Kiev
Éditeur : Ubisoft
Date de parution : 27 mars 2018

Système d’exploitation et processeur 64 bits nécessaires
Système d’exploitation : Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
Processeur : Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz or AMD FX-6300 @ 3.5 GHz or equivalent
Mémoire vive : 8 GB de mémoire
Graphiques : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD R9 270 (2GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or better)
DirectX : Version 9.0c
Réseau : Connexion internet haut débit
Espace disque : 40 GB d’espace disque disponible

Le tout dernier volet de la franchise Far Cry débarque en Amérique.
Bienvenue à Hope County, dans le Montana, terre de liberté et de bravoure qui abrite un culte fanatique prêchant la fin du monde : Eden’s Gate. Défiez son chef, Joseph Seed, et ses frères et soeur, allumez les feux de la résistance et libérez les citoyens.
Libérez Hope County seul ou en coop à deux. Recrutez des mercenaires pour vous aider à vaincre le culte.
Combattez le culte, mais prenez garde à la colère de Joseph Seed et ses fidèles.
Créez votre personnage et choisissez votre aventure dans le plus personnalisable des Far Cry !
Prenez le contrôle de bolides, de 4×4, d’avions et d’autres véhicules et affrontez le culte lors de combats épiques.
Améliorez votre jeu avec l’eye tracking. Sélectionnez vos ennemis simplement en les regardant, afin d’augmenter vos compétences en furtivité et aider vos coéquipiers à repérer les menaces.
Compatible avec tous les dispositifs de jeu Tobii Eye Tracking.
Notes complémentaires:
Fonctionnalités de commande oculaires disponibles avec Tobii Eye Tracking.

Langue : Français
Format : .iso
Crack : inclus

1) Monter l’iSO
2) Installer
3) Copier les fichiers du dossier CODEX de l’iSO
4) Coller dans l’emplacement du jeu
5) Jouer
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