Nintendo Reveals More Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Details

You may already be aware but the online functionality for the Nintendo Switch will soon be restricted. Gamers will have to start paying a subscription fee in order to enjoy select online features but unlike other subscription services for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the price is quite a bit cheaper with a yearly price set for $19.99. During September’s Nintendo Direct, we got a few more details regarding this upcoming subscription service that kicks off this month.
Outside of being able to enjoy online gameplay with friends, Nintendo’s online service will give players something they’ve been wanting for their Nintendo Switch since it launched. Unfortunately, there was no means of backing up your save progress on the Nintendo Switch platform of video games which meant that if you needed a new console then your saves would not transfer over. This subscription would change that for most Nintendo Switch video games.
Now if by chance a new console is required, your saves would be backed up within Nintendo’s cloud service. Likewise, the subscription would grant players access to a wide selection of classic NES video games. Starting on day one you’ll have twenty available NES games to play with new added online features. However, each and every month Nintendo will be adding new video game titles to enjoy completely of free if you have an active subscription.
NES Launch Titles

Sunday October 28, 2018

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Speaking of the NES video game titles, gamers can purchase an NES Nintendo Switch controller pack. These controllers mimic the look and feel of original NES controllers while also being wireless and rechargeable through the Nintendo Switch dock.
This service will also allow for interactivity with the Nintendo Switch smartphone application such as voice chat and insights on select video game titles being played. Lastly, it looks like the Nintendo Switch subscription service will grant players with special offers, but Nintendo has yet to unveil the particulars.
[Source: Nintendo Direct]

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