Nintendo Officially Reveals Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo Officially Reveals Luigi’s Mansion 3

The Luigi’s Mansion series doesn’t have very many installments attached. Outside of its main debut on the Nintendo GameCube, the series only has one other console installment for the Nintendo 3DS called Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. With the franchise, players are put into the role of Luigi who must bust a variety of ghosts and while we knew that the original installment was soon finding a release again in the market for the Nintendo 3DS, it came as a surprise that a third installment was in the works.
During a September 2018 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is being developed for the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any details as to what this third installment will entail quite yet, but it’s supposedly coming into the market in 2019.
We’re likely going to see some type of Joy-Con motion controller gameplay featured within the game but again, at this point, we’re simply speculating as to what we can expect from the upcoming installment.
With already so many great first-party video game titles exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, we expect that the console will be picked up during the holiday season especially knowing of the other upcoming IP releases are inbound for 2019.
Furthermore, with the Tokyo Game Show coming up within this month, we’re hoping that more information regarding Luigi’s Mansion 3 is unveiled but for now we’ll have to wait and see.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 1

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 2

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 3

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 title logo

Luigi’s Mansion 3

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[Source: Nintendo Direct]

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