ArbiterSports Hires New VP of Product Management

Karen Mogridge to bring experience and expertise to the company leadership team.
August 28, 2018 (Sandy, Utah) — ArbiterSports today announced the addition of Karen Mogridge to the executive team as the company’s Vice President of Product Management. Mogridge is a seasoned product manager, software engineer and business analyst with two decades of experience overseeing the development of new products.
“We are excited to have Karen join our executive team,” said ArbiterSports President and CEO Jeff Triplette. “Karen brings a wide variety of skills and expertise that will allow us to explore new ways of approaching the ArbiterSports product family. We need her contribution to the company at this time.”
Before joining ArbiterSports, Mogridge served in several positions at financial services giant CoreLogic, including Senior Professional Product Manager, Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Special Projects and Senior Business Analyst. She also worked as a software engineer with F-22 Lockheed Martin and combined her love of cycling and nonprofits to make key contributions to several organizations including the GOAL Foundation, Mercury Cycling, Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Bike Walk Mississippi. Mogridge holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Valdosta State University.
The addition of Mogridge will help propel ArbiterSports’ objective of pursuing new and innovative product strategies to better serve its existing client base while exploring additional market verticals, a course that was established on the heels of the capital infusion ArbiterSports received last year from the San Francisco-based private equity firm Serent Capital.
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